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    Sajal Hossain

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    Hello MIUIers

    Welcome to the 2nd Theme Classroom

    The Theme Editor allows you complete control over the overall look and feel of your Phone Interface. It gives you the ability to customize many of the features found in MIUI. To use the Theme Editor , it does require some knowledge of Photoshop, Designing, to make awsome themes from scratch.
    Our theme editor makes it super easy to change your icons , Wallpapers , and other images , png resources of MIUI framework in the theme. It’s what our designers use to design our themes, which allow us to design some really awesome and professional looking themes. The theme editor is an incredibly powerful tool for designing themes. Do not be overwhelmed by the number of options – you do not need to change all of them. The theme editor may take a little getting used to but it is very easy to pick up after a bit of experimenting. Plus it’s fun designing themes too!
    To get started with the theme editor,We first need to get prepared With the Basic requirements and needs.In this Lesson We will Be Learning About the Basic Requirement Before we start the Fun Designing Themes.
    So Lets Begin
    • Icons
    • Wallpapers
    • Framework / App Design resources

    [Image: 101212uonozwtd5o25vfnh.jpg.thumb.jpg]

    A important part of theming is Icon designing , icons are pictorial representation or shortcut to the system or 3rd party app or module . Hence its important that icons are designed according to their uses and representation. The best tool to help you design icons are Image processing applications like Adobe Photoshop , corel draw etc , which requires a little prior knowledge about the functioning of the app, You can always use Google or youtube to learn small tutorial about how to design Icons .

    Also there are many online websites available , which are a great tool for desiging icons online with easy User interface , which doesnt need any prior special learing about the functioning. Also many websites provide free Icons resources , which are not copy righted. you can use free resources or non-copyrighted icons .but copying some other individuals’s copyrighted icons is equivalent to Theft , hence Should not be doing it.
    Icon dimention : 192 x 192 pixels

    File type : png

    [Image: 095756coyyv5mo5fvv6po5.jpg.thumb.jpg]

    Wallpapers are designed the same way, with little brush up effect from image processing app and Mostly Creativity of the individual. To make Awesome wallpaper, the only thing needed is Creativity.Imagination has no limits as well as creativity too.
    there are many websites offering free resources and non-copyrighted wallpapers you can use them , But Creativity is recommended designing  a wallpaper for youself will give a different satisfaction.

    Recommended Dimention :

    • Lockscreen :   1080 x 1920 pixels   &  720  x 1280 (width x height)
    • Homescreen : 2160 x 1920 pixels   & 1440 x 1080 (width x height)

    File type : Jpeg

    [Image: 095802pg1g8gwe1yn40yw4.jpg.thumb.jpg]

    These are those Png images which design the System UI and App user interface ( system ). The Default miui 6 App and framework Resources can be found at Resource Catalog V6 folder Inside Miui theme Editor Folder . You can use these default Resources  as a Template to design New Design with your creativity with same Image dimenstions and other need.

    Dimentions : According to different components

    File type : png

    [Image: 105214ghi9luc9mrii6ec5.jpg.thumb.jpg]

    Resource Catalog V6 folder inside Miui theme Editor Folder

    [Image: 105224xcbfnn0xlni883cf.jpg.thumb.jpg]

    Different system apps and framework folder

    [Image: 105412ewswvksch7iidtd3.jpg.thumb.jpg]

    Different Resources ( png )  at apps and  Framework

    These resources can be used as stencils to design your own creative Designs

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