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    Unlike the more commercial titles above, Endless Sniper is a relatively small scale Android game, but it’s very well delivered. Just like in an endless runner, Endless Sniper’s levels keep going until you fail, but in this case, it’s your sniping skills that are put to the test rather than running and jumping.

    Each level of Endless Sniper presents you with a number of on-screen enemies who are out to kill you. In order to progress, you must kill them first. It’s a simple idea, but it’s a blast to play. The pixel graphics are charming, the levels are procedurally generated so that no two are the same, and variety of on-screen enemies makes each the gameplay completely frantic – it’s one of the most nerve-racking Android games I’ve played all year.

    Endless Sniper is not perfect, but it is excellent. Get it from the Play Store via the link below.

    Download Now

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