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    Sajal Hossain

    DIY Home Studio Shoot
    Part 1
    Have you ever dream of taking Studio Product Shot in the comfort of your own home in your cosy little room where you spent a lot of yournights reading the MIUI English forum. Now allow me to share some tips on how to fulfil that dream of yours.

    Before we proceed any further, let me give a brief definition of what is a product shoot? This is a type of photography shoot where the emphasis of the photograph would be a physical item based against a single colour backdrop.

    Now the lesson proper.

    The Backdrop
    (Single Color Backdrop Brings out The Line Definition Of The Object Better)

    The choice of backdrop would usually be White or Black depending on the type of item the photographer would like to take. In my case,a white backdrop is usually used as a personal preference as it brings out the outline of the item that I m shooting.

    The Equipment
    (Tripod For Stability And Motion Blur Reduction)

    The second thing to have is to own a good set of tripod to prepare for your photo shoot. The deployment of the tripod will enable you to achieve stability during your shoot thus enabling you to have clearer picture and minimizing any motion blur which may be caused by your hands. Do remember to attach a mobile phone holder to your tripod if you are like me using a mobile phone as the main capturing equipment.

    The Lighting Setup
    (White Light is Cool and Orange Light Is Warm)

    Good lighting is a must for you to bring out the true lines and details of the item that you are shooting. A personal preference is to usetop-down setting (Down Lighting) and white light to perform the shoot. I liketo shoot my item in a cool light setting. Should you prefer a warm light setting, you can always use a more yellowish lighting.

    So Shutter bugs, it is time for you to bring out Xiaomi Phone and try out these shoots? Always remember that it is the man behind the camera and not the other way round.

    Stay tuned to part 2 of my tutorial on Home Studio DIY shoot.

    This Is BL23 Signing Off.

    May the “Mi” be with all.
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