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    Sajal Hossain

    Hey MIUIers! I’m back again with a “NEW” lesson for the MIUI Photography Classroom! (Okay… okay. This isn’t really new since some of you might have already read this during the MIUI Photography Team Contest.)

    Don’t worry though as I’ve included a bit more detail here to help newbies and would-be action photographers to take great panning shots. So here is Lesson #10!

    Panning: The Art of Motion in Photography

    I have searched the forum far and wide to see if this has been discussed or at least mentioned here before. Just as I expected though, nothing turned-up. There’s a good reason why I expected to turn-up empty handed with my search. Panning shots are never easy. It’s not something one can do without practice, patience and thorough grasp of the basics.

    No one can guarantee a perfect panning. Even pro photographers with SLRs struggle sometimes. Panning is not about movement, it IS movement, and doing it with a mobile phone makes it the more challenging but all the more rewarding!

    In concept, panning is easy, set the shutter speed to slow, follow your subject in its plane of motion, tap the shutter and you’re done. But it’s how you handle the detail of the concept that determines whether you get a great image or not.

    Where to Start?
    This is pretty basic but would greatly help you grasp the concept of panning.
    1. Whip out your phone and fire-up the camera
    2. Get your Mi Bunny and Focus the camera on Mitu (Oh.. don’t have a Mi Bunny? Too bad. Want one? Join some contests here in the forum and you just might win one!)
    3. While the camera is locked-on Mitu, rotate your whole body to the right (keeping Mitu in focus.) Tap the shutter button midway through your rotation and don’t take the focus off of him until you complete your rotation.

    See Mi fly!

    Things to consider when doing panning shots with a mobile phone:
    – We can’t control shutter speed (SLRs have have it easy)
    – Continuous Focus is very limited and lags at worst
    – Lighting conditions determine how harsh or soft your blur will be
    – There’s a significant lag between shutter press and the phone actually taking the image.

    Knowing these weaknesses, we can more understand how to approach and do panning, the mobile way:

    1. Shoot when It’s dark (or at least a bit)
    Since we can’t control shutter speed. One way to force the camera to allow for a slower speed is to take photos at dawn, night or early morning (but making sure that your subject will fall on a well lit/bright area) Note: you can also try to set your camera to HHT mode or HDR mode to force the camera to shoot at a slower shutter speed but I won’t guarantee it. )

    2. Keep something sharp
    In panning, you strive to have something in the picture sharp, it’s not necessary to have every bit of your subject in focus. Just enough sharpness to hold a viewer’s eye.

    3. Pre-Focus
    I saw this biker about a 50 meters from where I stood. I anticipated how close he’ll be to me when he pass. So focused my camera on the pavement about 3 meters away, then waited for the biker to enter my view finder then just followed along his motion path then took the snap.

    4. A Matter of Distance
    The farther the subject is from you the slower it will appear to be going and the easier for you to follow and pan. But the closer the subject is to the background, the sentation of movement will be more pronounced

    My son doing his best Master Chief impression

    5. Also a matter of Backround
    The usual idea of having a clean background in other photography techniques doesn’t apply to panning. It doesn’t matter if you have a whole lot of stuff back there. It’s going to be in motion. The more stuff — the more motion

    6. When Shooting People…
    … Keep at least one face sharp. This is actually an accidental shot. I was following the woman on my phone camera. (No, I’m not stalking her XP) she was walking oh so slowly when two kids walked by. The result..


    7. Practice
    It’s always best to pratice the techniques and choices you make to shoot panning. It’s good to start with something with a linear motion like cars out on a highway, or ask someone to run or ride a bike by you. Or ask a kid to do some jumping like the above pictures. They’ll love you for it!

    8. Your not limited to Cars and People
    You can also try panning on animals. I snuk-up on this chicken. Focused my camera on her then chased after her. All the while keeping the camera focused (I’m so evil sometimes haha)

    9. And of course — SELFIES!
    Panning makes for some interesting selfies hahaha!

    Hope you enjoyed my tutorial. If you have any questions, suggestions or violent reaction, feel free to leave a reply on the comment section below. Tata

    “Shoot, Share, Inspire! “– Lennox Lente


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