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    Sajal Hossain

    Here’s another Post-Processing lesson for all you MIUIers out there.
    This will be a short lesson, but if you can grasp the concept, and practise it then you’re well on your way to making ordinary pictures look extraordinary. Here is

    Lesson 12: Photo Editing – Making Ordinary Photos Pop

    This technique is also sometimes called Low Key Photography. I’ll be using an app called PicSay Pro (this is a paid app) but you can download the free version available at the Playstore HERE

    Note: Some apps will work just as well like Pixlr and Photo Editor .

    This is how your finished photo should look like:

    You can download this photo to follow my tutorial or just experiment with. Enjoy

    So here we go!
    1. Fire up PicSay and choose a picture from your gallery

    2. Tap on “Adjust” and choose “Crop and Straighten”

    3. You can change aspect ratio by taping on the bar at the top

    4. Once you’ve chosen the perfect aspect ratio, hit the green check button on the upper-right corner to confirm your selection
    5. Now hit the ‘Effect” button and select “Paint”

    6. Here you can choose the color of your paint, brush size and style. You can also tap at the “eraser” to erase unnecessary paints you put on your image.

    7. Now start filling the border of your image with the paint brush like so:

    8. To fill-up the remaining small areas, you can zoom-in on the picture by doing a two-finger swipe-out

    9. Choose a smaller brush and start filling the remaining areas. This will take some time but I assure you your effort will be well worth it.
    10. Once you filled-up every nook and cranny of the image. Hit the green check button

    11. Congratulations and good job so far! But we’re not done yet.
    12. Well need to make some adjustment to really make it seem like it was shot like that and not edited so…
    13. Tap on the “Adjust” button again and tap “Exposure/Contrast” here you need to lower your exposure a bit and raise up the contrast so that the dark areas of the image will blend with the background a bit.

    14. You can also go to “Adjust” and select “Curves” and curve the graph to further define the contrast between the light and dark areas while keeping the whole image’s colors intact and not losing too much details.

    15. Now the only thing left to do is to Tap on the “Export” button at the lower right corner and select “Save picture to album” and choose where you want it to save.

    16. And now we’re done!

    A few more notes, you can also experiment with other colors and filters by tapping the “Effects”You are only limited by your imagination!

    Here are other samples of what you can do to your photos:

    I hope you enjoyed this tutorial us much I enjoyed making it. If you have any suggestion for future lessons, feel free to leave a comment below! Thanks and have fun!


    Source: Here

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