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    Sajal Hossain
    Hello! Miuiers presenting you a new exciting edition of miui photography classroom
    (Briefly discussed in the Photography contest)
    Now discussed in detail..
    After days of research on different techniques, I present you an easy and simple form of extradark photography.
    I searched the whole forum to find anytopic related to this one but did’nt find any..so tutorial is here..
    Extradark photography is a combination of lomo+saturation and shadow photography.
    Some great results can be obtained with the help of this technique
    Getting started:
    1.Technique is quite easy any newbie can get an awesome shot.
    2.Lets start……open up the camera & let the screen shine..
    select an object/objects which you wanted to be part of your picture..
    take a good look at source of light…
    Type 1:Capturing Source of light
    (i.e candle or anything else)
    1.Choose yesterday filter(Optional-I like yellowish images)
    2.First of all don’t Focus on the source of light cause it will darken the image too much ,focus as close as possible..take look
    I just focused under the flame.
    *Advanced user can use manual focus and set the Exposure Time Between 1/5000 to 1/100
    3.Set the Ev as low as possible i.e set it till u get view (I generally set it between -1.0 to -2.0 sometimes not required)
    and click it out…boom
    Type 2 : Capturing Object in front of source
    1.Try to focus on the part that is closest to the source.. just like I focussed on the bars
    2. Set the Ev for which you’ll get the Best Shot…..and Then capture…boom
    Type 3: Capturing simply the object away from the source
    1.Focus on the brightest part of your camera frame i.e the part that looks brightest…just as I focussed inside the red circle..
    2.All done Ev adjusting is not important here if you want you can..as experimentation leads to great photos sometimes and then boom capture it..
    About Selection of Modes and further editing:
    A.Normal if you want image in same sort of colour
    B.Yesterday filter if you want yellowish image…high on saturation
    C.mono if you want shadowy photography
    Dont worry if you did got much dark photos you can still edit..
    1.Increase saturation creates yellowish tint
    2.Increasing contrast decreases extra light
    Some Great Images So far:
    Source: Here

    Debanjan Chk

    very nice click …

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