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    Sajal Hossain
    Good day!!!

    I’m going to teach you how to capture this photo.

    It’s exciting because you cannot predict what kind of figure or shape you will capture. In a studio setup, you can control how much light will hit your subject. Also the direction where you want the light to hit. In this setup, I use 14 watts compact flourescent light. I want it not too bright because my subject is not the glass but th clouds inside the glass.

    Its is very simple here are the things you need.

    – Wine glass
    – Clean water
    – Lamp
    – Black background (me, i use black mouse pad)
    – Milk or any colored, non staining liquid. but i prefer milk so i can color it after in photoshop
    – Mi phone and piston for trigger
    – Phone stand. improvise as long as it is steady

    and cooling fan 🙂 its really hot with the lamp shade ON.

    That’s how my setup look like. After setting it up. Go to your stock camera and set AF and manual exposure.

    When using AF mode, be sure to focus the brightess area in frame to make the background consitent black all around. By doing this, the white milk will be highlighted and it will be easy coloring the picture in photoshop.

    After doing the steps above, you are ready to shoot. Place a ballpen inside to make sure where you drop the milk. It should be in focus.

    This is how you should compose your picture. Secure your phone in your tripod or phone stand.

    After that hold your piston volume racker (set it in headphone as camera trigger) then drop a spoonful of milk and CLICK!!!

    You will have one chance everytime you shoot. Because you need to refill new water after each shoot. because a few drops of milk will make the water murky. So be sure to time your clicks. Heres the result.

    This photo was edited in photoshop. I adjusted the levels and contrast.

    Time to COLORIZE

    I use photoshop CS3. You need basic knowledge. Here’s how

    Open the photo you have taken in photoshop then create level adjustment layer.

    Play around with the level adjustments. The goal is to make the background to solid black without loosing too much details. Also by sliding the white arrow to the left will make the milk brighter.

    Then make a contrast adjustment layer.
    Layer>New adjustment layer>brightness/contrast

    Slide the contrast bar to make the milk have more depth. Also the background will be more black.
    When you are satisfied with the result CTRL+SHIFT+E (Flatten) or go to Layer>Flatten Image

    You can clear up bubbles from the glass or smudge by using spot healing tool.

    Right click to increase the size of healing tool. then click on the bubbles.

    The fun part COLORING
    Create new layer

    Set it to overlay

    Choose the brush tool

    Then right click and choose 300pixel soft brush

    While on the new layer you have created and after selecting the color you like you are ready to color the picture.
    Just click and drag the mouse on the area you want to color. If the color is too bright decrease the opacity.

    You can choose as many colors as you like, just be sure to color only the milk
    If you need to erase some color just use the eraser tool. it is two item below the brush tool.

    After coloring, flatten the image then save your work. dont forget to save it as JPEG (under the dropdown menu on extension file .jpg).

    Here are the results

    Mi color

    Looks like flavored snow cones

    I colored the glass bottom to make reflection of colors inside the glass.

    Mi CLOUD 🙂

    I colored this with different shades of oranges. Dark orange on the inner part of milk to create depth or 3d effect


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