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    MIUI v7 update for xolo Symphony w125 Fly iq446 Allview p5 Gionee GN708W Xolo q800 QMobile Noir A20 Polytron W7450


    Now when you search for new messages appear at the top of the list
    Fixed hide the notification bar when you press the switch to performance mode
    Added prompt disabling notifications
    Improved method for grouping photos in the main gallery page
    Updated interface album baby
    Fixed cases where at the entrance to the album baby briefly shows “No Photo”
    Corrected age of the child under the pictures, if the age less than 1 month
    Fixed display of avatars creators albums
    Updated progress bar on the playback screen
    Fixed display of background settings on some devices
    Fixed display the sound settings by using large font
    Improved speed of scanning files
    Added ability to search for files by keyword
    BUGS: they didn’t mentioned any and i to don’t know if any have are not u guys have to tell

    Let me clear this there are two versions of MIUI v7. One based on KK and other 5.0.
    The rom is quite fast and fluid and good ram management. I managed to run 15 system apps and still ~100MB ram left. And it was not lagging.
    There are 5 themes now pre installed and it asks you to select during phone setup. To my experience only default, ocean breeze and one other works fine, Rest have some issues.
    The UI is almost same like v6 but now more flat with lollipop animations and enhanced smoothness,
    Settings app is now re-designed with more options in general. And child mode and there are separate options for system and installed apps. No lag in settings now,
    MMI code or USSD bug now fixed.
    New FILE Browser added( see SS). New logo and animation at boot.


    1. Fonts changing doesn’t work.
    2. Some process stopped error when you use USB Mode instead of mtp.
    3. It goes to deep sleep sometimes and you have to long press power button to make it alive again.(very rare)
    4. Sound is low. Use dolby to increase.
    5. It is single sim 3g. Not a bug but still a problem.

    DOWNLOAD LINK:https://yadi.sk/d/GqJiSMFXibej9
    List of changes MIUI 5.9.10
    New items last week:
    Annex conductor an opportunity to enable notifications on new files to any category, whether Downloads, FaceBook, Telegram, and so on. The dialer appeared Menu button, which will insert the number to call or go to the settings. First, to dial the number from the clipboard (if the opening of the dialer has not got out a proposal to insert) had to “dance with a tambourine.” In setting the font size added option XS (Small). If the mode is not disturbed, then the incoming call screen will not turn on . If at this time turn on the screen, you will see a green status bar, when clicked, will open the screen itself is already a call. Updated package style icons MIUIv6. Numerous corrections / additions translation.
    Download link
    UPdate 5.9.24
    MIUI 7
    (List of changes from Xiaomi (including changes in the two previous versions, when the firmware is not left on our device)
    The list of changes With MIUI 5.9.24
    Fixed Internet by Wi-Fi network
    Fixed connection to the router Xiaomi
    Fixed cases where Mi Band icon disappears from the status bar
    Fixed opening notification by pressing
    Corrected network speed when using the font XXL
    Optimized battery consumption when syncing photos and videos
    Optimize the new interface
    Added the ability to choose the recording quality
    Business Overview update MIUI 5.9.24
    (Features of the firmware from the team MiuiPro)
    Firmware deodeksirovana.
    2 languages – Russian, Belarusian, English, German, Chinese (2 pieces) and Ukrainian [version 5.9.10] (thanks for the repo bentezhniy).
    3. Work in T9 dialer.
    4. Firmware with GApps.
    5. Security Center – Providing Ruth rights with waiting 5 seconds and 1 request.
    6. Remove kitayschina, MI-services left.
    7. Google Keyboard.
    8. Disabled Online Services applications – music, video, radio.
    (Little change me)
    Liba other sound should be thunder, check those who sat on the previous versions of the firmware.
    2. Went through libs, trying to make more rapid, if not to put Xposed modules works like not bad.
    3. Do not become delete anything from the system MIUI, perhaps in the next assembly will take away something and add SuperSU not to wait for 5 seconds to allow root.
    (A word of advice from me)
    In the section for developers:
    1. It is recommended to put the speed of the animation window, the conversion speed and the speed of the animation in the 0.5x or disable all and reboot the phone.
    2. Can Accelerate work on probyvat GPU.
    3. Optimization of system memory – Disabled.
    4. The following screen shots on my list of apps I froze using Titanium Backup (better to freeze and do not remove), after freezing no problems with the machine is not found. But the firmware becomes much more responsive and dismissed accordingly RAM.
    Applications such as Explorer and Mail (Gmail or return can MyMail) always climb in the internet and sit in the background, for the weather at all as many as five separate applications are made, it is better to put that one thing, such as Weather BZ, need anti-virus also did not see.
    (Titanium Backup screenshots)
    Team MiuiPro
    Recommend to put zero, because libs there is almost totally different.

    UPdate 5.9.26
    MIUI 5.9.26
    (Firmware Features)
    Port Xiaomi RedMi1 WCDMA from MIUI Belarus Official Fan Site. This is my first port made for myself, but just have an interest in piercing decided to lay out.(PORTED BY DIMONSHIRA)
    Like I not found. Try to anyone interested, can you find the shoals.
    (I express my gratitude)
    lionshg, MiuiPro
    Firmware put both zero and through the application “Update” – click on the button (top right corner) – in the popup menu choose “Select firmware” – indicates the new firmware file and wait. Updated with MIUI 5.9.10 on 7 lionshg.
    (Download):Rom https://yadi.sk/d/w9Mi7dMvjQSiU

    disable the built-sd

    Enable the built-in sd

    MIUI 5.10.8 7
    (Firmware Features)
    Port Xiaomi RedMi1 WCDMA from MIUI Belarus Official Fan Site. This is my first port made for myself, but just have an interest in piercing decided to lay out.
    Like I not found. Try to anyone interested, can you find the shoals.
    (I express my gratitude)
    lionshg, MiuiPro
    Firmware put both zero and through the application “Update” – click on the button (top right corner) – in the popup menu choose “Select firmware” – indicates the new firmware file and wait. Updated with MIUI 5.9.10 on 7 lionshg.




    MIUI 7 05/10/15
    List of changes MIUI 5.10.15
    For Mi Note Pro version of Android has been updated to 5.1.1
    Added support for VoLTE calls Mi Note Pro
    Added intelligent roaming for fast network search for Mi Note Pro
    Optimized scrolling list of dialogues
    Now the contents of the blocked applications will not appear in the menu of recent applications
    Added notification to family members when new photos in the children’s album
    Optimized memory consumption
    Added the ability to upload up to 10,000 photos in each album cloudy
    Optimized speed of execution of the album “Faces”
    Now, when you install a photo album of the children’s baby will be displayed in the center
    Fixed interface synchronization photo
    The window with information about the location of flickered when syncing photos
    Fixed display of the avatar in the children’s album
    Faster loading pictures in albums Cloud
    Fixed cases where it was not possible to connect to Wi-Fi
    Added the ability to upload and process magnetic torrent links
    Added the ability to view the status of the synchronization records. To do this, pull down the list of entries.
    Added clock, timer and stopwatch in Mi Pad
    Mi Drop
    Added instructions on features, which opens by holding down the Mi Drop in the notification bar
    Fixed problems with sending files
    Fixed a crash the application when scanning devices
    Now, notice the low battery is displayed during a call

    MIUI7 5.11.12
    List of changes
    Problems with calls for a 2G network
    Fixed issues with the display of contacts Mi Account
    New network icon in the status bar
    Now, when the children’s mode, you can open the camera from the lock screen
    Added the ability to toggle the lock screen wallpaper by clicking on the upper right corner
    When you use the light at the wallpaper label icons will display a shadow
    Fixed critical error that occurs when you scan photos and videos
    Added additional connection mode Blutooth-car audio
    Added the ability to designate folders as private files
    Added the ability to choose the path of recovery from the private folder
    Fixed critical bugs

    MIUI7 5.11.19
    List of changes
    Fixed switch “Do Not Disturb”
    Fixed Recovery media volume after using the mode “silent” when the unit was restarted.
    Added vozmzhonost use filters for video Mi Profile
    Fixed cases where in the “Mute” play the melody of the device is switched
    Fixed start the application “Music” by clicking on the notification
    Fixed cases where the mode of “Mute” is turned off automatically after a reboot on devices with Android 5.0
    Added the ability to copy and move files in private folders
    Now the names of the files are encrypted private folders
    Added warning about cleaning up memory
    Added the ability to choose the default video player
    Added the ability to create a shortcut on the desktop
    Added tooltip when the time on and off the device matches


    MIUI7 5.12.10
    List of changes
    Fixed cases where the status bar was black
    Fixed flickering of the screen when you turn on the power button
    Updated unlock animation (present since the previous build)
    Returned Vibrate virtual keys in the “Do Not Disturb”
    Added the ability to return to the top of the list by double clicking on the application title
    Added a confirmation when you add files to a private folder
    Optimized Search
    Fixed encrypt private folders
    Mi Drop
    Fixed sending large files
    Auto-Fix to the Wi-Fi network after the completion of a file transfer

    Download links
    ROM LINK : https://yadi.sk/d/c2DaCwRemFTiF
    PATCH LINK : https://yadi.sk/d/l8z1aVoKjQmZr

    MIUI7 5.12.17
    List of changes
    Optimized shuffle. Now, when you click “Shuffle All” will not always played the very first track
    Updated application interface. Added the ability to view the outlook for hours
    Updated deep cleaning mode
    A new way to scan a photo. Ability to delete dubriruyuschiesya and poor quality photos and screenshots
    Added function “Save Picture quality” in removing similar photos
    Optimize certain applications to sort by frequency of use
    Mi Cloud
    Now, in the cloud backup application an opportunity to create backup and system settings (present since last update)

    MIUI v7 6.1.14
    Download link https://yadi.sk/d/evsIu7ggnN2NC
    Enable the built in sd card https://yadi.sk/d/l8z1aVoKjQmZr

    Read more: MIUI v7 UPDATED 6.1.14 KITKAT BASE ~ KITKAT ROMS http://xoloq800kitkatroms.blogspot.com/2015/09/miui-v7-5820.html

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