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    Sajal Hossain
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    Hello MIUIers

    Today I am here with a walkthrough/tutorial for the MIUI Theme Editor. This is a wonderful all-in-one tool for creating new themes. It allows you to configure and create every part of a theme like System Ui, Notification shade, Wallpaper, icons and so on. In other words, the MIUI theme editor allows you to create a completely new Theme package. Your creativity is the only limit you would encounter while creating a theme with this package.

    What’s more, you can even modify existing theme you have created or other downloaded themes to suit your personal taste. Downloaded an awesome theme but dont like the lockscreen style or notification shade? Fret not, you can edit the theme and use it. But be warned though, stealing parts of someone else’s theme and calling it your own, is not only morally wrong, but will ruin your image and make you a cheater too [Image: 3.gif]. Not to mention your theme and your designer account might be permanently banned too.

    With all these wonderful features and options that this tool provides you for creating a theme of your own, there is one shortcoming. You cannot add custom animations to wallpapers and lockscreens of your choice with MIUI theme editor. Feeling Sad?? Don’t be. A separate tutorial will cover adding custom animations/effects to your theme. We will talk about that later.

    So pretty excited to start creating your own theme? I am excited to try and provide the easiest instructions to fast forward your learning curve for theme editing. I will try to keep the tutorial as simple and as easy as possible. So let’s begin.


    • WIndows / Linux OS
    • Java JRE/JDK installed (if not using jre include theme editor)
    • ADB properly Setup
    • You should have all Designed Png , Icons And other resources ready
    • You need to connect Your phone to Pc while Using this app to Import Resources for certains Modules

    This Tutorial Explains V6 theme Procedure as V5 themes are no more Reviewed By Theme Store Editor
    V5 Theming Procedure is Almost same

    [Image: 145834nfi7jgfzgw8b8gmy.jpg.thumb.jpg]

    This is the Opening page for Theme Editor, here User can choose to either open a new Project or open a previous Theme Project

    [Image: 145901hvdvksvmvb2snlkr.jpg.thumb.jpg]

    Menu Functions

    New – To open New Project
    Open – To Open a Previous Project
    Open Most recent – To open Most Recent Project
    Export as  mtz – To export theme Package
    Reload – To reload / Refresh app
    Capture – To capture Screenshot
    Syncing Icon – To sync Icon from Phone
    Sync module – its sync the module with phone
    Clean local cache – Clears cache and restarts app
    Edit Theme Info – Edit theme author , name etc
    Apply to phone – Apply the Current designing Theme to phone
    Adapt to full resolution – Adapt screen full resolution
    Fix ADB – kills adb.exe
    Chinese – chinese GUI
    Guide – Tutorial Guide
    About – About the App

    [Image: 152628ikhu4hs1f772fbch.jpg.thumb.jpg]


    0 – Module [ icon ]
    1 – Sub Modules
    2 – Icons  [ Click on icons to replace the default icon with user’s designed icons resources
    3 – Dpi Pixel Sizes for icons
    4 – Default Icon Resource [ Double clicking it will open the resource Folder ]
    5 – Copy Arrow [ this copies the default resource to the New resource
    6 – Drag n Drop Zone / New Resource Thumbnail
    7 – Browse Button [ this helps to browse for new resource ]

    [Image: 153358lj2545ly77g68727.jpg.thumb.jpg]

    Here user can browse or drag and drop the desired wallpaper for there new Theme

    [Image: 153459nkplk777j7n5z75p.jpg.thumb.jpg]

    Here Users can browse or drag and drop the desired  Lockscreen Wallpaper for there New theme

    [Image: 153626ienpyee6arc2yump.jpg.thumb.jpg]

    This Module is about editing Resources of Homscreen and themeing it

    [Image: 153739fcym2yc02rr3o30r.jpg.thumb.jpg]

    This Module Edits the resources for Messaging App and themeing it

    [Image: 153802hchzdacxsfx5caff.jpg.thumb.jpg]

    This Module Edits Notification panel and Toggles panel , youcan change toggle icons and panel resources as user desire .

    [Image: 153755u4ak7gxagm81x2aw.jpg.thumb.jpg]

    While Editing Theming Apps [ system ] You get a extra option here to edit the colour and boolean and integer value of the apps and theme it to the desired way user wants

    [Image: 153810s7jo44mcm7cj1qkt.jpg.thumb.jpg]

    While Editing / Themeing  Other apps , you my need to import Resources from your phone to theme the desired app .
    So , connect your phone and Enable USB debugging from developer options .
    Make sure ADB drivers are installed and is properly setup .
    if still face some issues while importing . Kindly refer to the Troubleshooting thread mentioned above .

    Download MIUI Theme Editor:-


    Download Theme Template:-


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