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    Sajal Hossain

    Fellow Mi2/S-ers,

    Ever since your phone is updated to MIUI 6, the partitions are just too small for normal use right? Today, I’m here to provide you guys with the guide to repartitioning your phone so that you can fill your many homescreens with apps. So, how many steps to repartitioning?

    Step One: Backup

    The repartitioning process will remove all the data from your phone memory, including the personal files and folders in your phone. To make it simple, it’s just like getting a brand new phone after the repartitioning. To backup, you can allow Mi Cloud to sync most of the user data to the cloud first. For the files that Mi Cloud couldn’t backup, simply copy over to your computer or use the Kuaipan cloud drive to backup.

    Step Two: Download and install Mi PC Suite

    Download and install Mi PC Suite from here: http://en.miui.com/thread-92720-1-1.html.

    Step Three: Boot your phone into Fastboot mode

    Shut down your phone, then long press Power button + Volume down button simultaneously to boot into the Fastboot mode (Long pressing the buttons to reboot into Fastboot mode also works if you don’t want to take one more step to shut down first)

    Step Four: Fastboot flash

    After confirming that your phone is and stays in Fastboot mode, connect your phone to your computer and open Mi PC Suite. Mi PC Suite will automatically scan for newer versions for your phone. After that, select Developer/Beta and allow it to flash.



    Step Five: Check the results

    After the phone boots up from successful flashing, setup the phone and access Settings > Additional Settings > Storage and you’ll see the new partition data.

    It’s very easy right? Don’t forget to continue to read the FAQ

    Q: Will the repartitioning wipe my phone data?
    A: It will wipe your phone completely, making it feel like a brand new phone

    Q: What are the advantages of repartitioning?
    A: The system storage space is expanded, allowing for more app installations and updates, you don’t have to fear about the “insufficient space” problem any more

    Q: Can I downgrade the system after the repartitioning?
    A: It’s not recommended that users downgrade their MIUI ROM version. MIUI’s weekly update is there to allow users to try out a better ROM every week. More precisely, it’s recommended that users refrain from downgrading after MIUI 5.4.24 as the repartitioning process might cause compatibility issues should users downgrade their system.

    Q: I used other methods of repartitioning by other users, can I repartition again using the official ROM?
    A: Technically speaking, yes, but due to repartitioning can be achieved in many different ways, and that everybody repartition their storage space into different sizes, 100% compatibility is not promised.

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