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    1. Start your Phone running a developer ROM
    2. Proceed through the Setup Wizard
    3. Connect your Phone to your verified Mi-Account (Settings -> Accounts)
    4. Login to i.mi.com and make sure that your new RedMi Note 3 is connected to that Account. (It appears that it only works when you connected a SIM-Card/Phone Number to your Account – Can be from another phone but your Account must be linked to a SIM-Card.)
    5. Reboot your Phone to Fastboot Mode (Power + volume down)
    6. Connect your Phone via USB to your Computer
    7. Start the MiFlashUnlock.exe (find the link at REQUIREMENTS)
    8. Click the left Button (chinese text)
    9. Login with your Mi-Account you used to link your new Phone
    10. Press the Button with chinese Text and watch the show
    11. Your Bootloader is unlocked when the progressbar shows 100%.
    12. Reboot your phone.

    Flash TWRP Recovery

    You will need the TWRP recovery to root your device. Further you will be able to install Custom ROMs (like sMiUI) on your device.
    I have linked an existing TWRP Image made by a guy called “cloud”. Unfortunately he still had a bug in his version which cancelled ROM installations for the RedMi Note 3! I patched the TWRP Image and fixed this bug. So you will find a fully working TWRP Image in the Requirements.

    — RedMi Note 3
    — Unlocked Bootloader (see above)
    — TWRP Image File ( DOWNLOAD )
    — Fastboot Binaries (you can find a fastboot.exe in the Unlocking Software ZIP)

    1. Boot your Phone to Fastboot Mode (Power + volume down)
    2. Connect your Phone via USB to your Computer
    3. Start a windows terminal in the directory where your patched TWRP Image and Fastboot exe is located.
    4. type “fastboot flash recovery TWRP_redminote3_patchedBySebsch1991.img”
    5. Wait for the process to finish
    6. type “fastboot reboot”
    7. After your system comes up you can reboot to Recovery mode (Power + volume up)
    8. Enjoy your fully working TWRP Recovery

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