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How to care your hair? Expert advice

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Scaff and it’s popularity

Hot girl fashion trends

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What To Look Forward To In 2019

Disney has a major trio on the cards for 2019, with the releases of the star-studded, live-action versions of Dumbo (March), Aladdin (May), and The Lion King (July). The latter half of the year will see Greta Gerwig’s adaptation of Little Women, starring Emma Watson and Saoirse Ronan, arrive in cinemas, and – if that wasn’t enough period drama to keep us […]

14 Ways To Bring Wellness Into Your Life In 2019

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Samsung Galaxy A80 with Rotating Camera

Price  : Not AvailableSamsung Galaxy A80 new digital era phone with new infinity display is revealed at galaxy event. This new A series phone by Samsung will create a way for people to move from "era of selfie" to "era of live"as nowadays people are increasingly using their phones for live interactions. Samsung A80 introduces new innovations like smart battery, full screen display, rotating camera and much more.Samsung introduced 3D depth sensor, which can focus using the measurement and distance of the object. The rear camera becomes front camera after rotating. This phone has a intelligent battery, which can optimize power

How To Find and Secure Your Lost Android Device

Find, Lock and Erase your lost Android DeviceNow a day’s mobile security against the theft is considered as more important than anything else because it has lots of our private data. When anyone lost his/her phone or theft by any people the most important thing is how to secure your info on that phone so that no one can use your data for false purpose. Here we discuss some methods like how to locate your device and change your password.As we discuss already that all smartphone users have to sync their data with Google drive. So that all your contacts

FedEx apologizes for rejecting Huawei phones – cites operational error

After the United States listed Huawei in its “entity list”, FedEx diverted two Huawei package to the United States without any notice or explanation. The courier company subsequently apologized that only a very small number of parcels were shipped incorrectly and it is handling the situation. Recently, there was a report that FedEx has refused to send a Huawei smartphone to the US citing “government issue with Huawei and China government”. Now, it appears that FedEx is retracting its initial statement and said its a “mistake in operation”.This is totally ridiculous. Our UK writer tried to send us his @HuaweiMobile

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Chinese version may arrive on June 25

Samsung officially announced that it will hold “Samsung Vision and Future Media Communication Conference” in Beijing on June 25. According to the poster released by Samsung, the theme of this media communication conference is “5G”. Samsung may officially release the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Chinese version in this communication meeting. In February of this year, Samsung released the world’s first 5G mobile phone, Galaxy S10 5G, which was first sold in Korea on April 5. On June 7, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G version was launched in the UK via EE and Vodafone. However, this smartphone has not been listed

Honor MagicBook Pro leaked schematics surface, pop-up camera in tow?

Huawei has been hot on making waves in the mobile computing world, despite the unfortunate trade restriction imposed on its by the commerce department. The brand back in April announced the Honor MagicBook 2019 and is now rumored to be working on its third laptop – the Honor MAGICBOOK Pro.Reportedly dubbed the Honor Magicbook Pro, the portable computer design is highly reminiscent of Apple’s 15 inch MacBook Pro, with its chiclet keyboard design flanked by loudspeakers on either side. The most notable of the features of the PC as shared by Evan Blass is that it gets collapsible or pop

Update Firefox immediately to secure yourself from the zero-day bug

Mozilla has released an update for its Firefox browser app for Android that adds an important security fix, which eliminates the zero-day critical flaw and protects users from potential attacks.According to the Mozilla Foundation Security Advisory, the vulnerability in question was of the ‘type confusion’ variety that can occur when manipulating JavaScript and can lead to an exploitable crash. It was surfaced by a Google Project Zero researcher named Samuel Grob and someone from Coinbase Security, plus there were apparently reports of real-world attacks already exploiting the flaw. An update with the bug fix is ​​also available for the Firefox desktop