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Huawei reveals EMUI 10 release date ahead of expected Mate 30 Pro launch

Huawei P30 Pro
Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei’s revealed the launch date for its latest EMUI Android update in a bid to calm consumer fears about its phones future software support.

With a beach-themed post on the Weibo social network, Huawei announced that its next big operating system overhaul will make a splash on the 9th of August. We expect that the first devices in the queue for the revamped OS will be flagships handsets like the P30 Pro, Mate 20 Pro, P20 Pro, with updates likely to roll out more slowly for mid-range and budget handsets.

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What will change with EMUI 10? According to Huawei Central, the following new features will be found on this iteration of the OS:

1. Classification of UI elements’ design and effects.
2. Gallery content management and sorting.
3. Video Ringtones (possibly changes, because this feature is already available in the previous version of EMUI).
4. New personalization options for Theme, Wallpaper, and Fonts.
5. Improvements to the features related to system animations, games, and video playback.

The changes listed here seem fairly modest, so don’t expect a revolutionary new interface by any means.

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There’s been a lot of recent confusion about what’s happening with Huawei’s operating system in the near future. Firstly Google announced that they would ban the company from using the Android OS; that ban has since been rescinded, but doubts remain over how long this reprieve will last. During the stand-off, it arose that Huawei is developing its own operating system as a contingency, but we haven’t yet seen it in action.

Moving from software to hardware, Huawei has another big launch ahead of it this year: the Mate 30. It’s expected to hit shelves in September or October, and this handset is likely to be a powerhouse with a Kirin 985 chip and as many as five rear cameras.

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