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iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR: Should you upgrade?

Apple iPhone11 vs iPhone XR

Should you upgrade your current iPhone? iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR

Apple has just announced the iPhone 11 and in many ways it takes the place of the iPhone XR in the new 2019 line-up. We’re about to get into a full rundown of how these phones compare in terms of camera, performance and battery life, but here’s a quick look at the big differences:

  • The iPhone 11 has two cameras on the back, rather than the one seen on the XR
  • Apple has updated the processor to the A13; we’re still waiting to learn how much RAM
  • The iPhone 11 comes in a new green colour
  • Both phones have the same size 6.1-inch display

(As this is an evolving story we’ll be updating this page periodically over the next few hours and days adding in more information. We’ll also have a full in-depth Vs article once we have reviewed all the new phones.)

The iPhone XR was our favourite iPhone of the previous range as it had the perfect mix of features and value. It might not have beaten the XS in many areas, but it only felt as though it sacrificed luxury features. Could things be the same with the iPhone 11?

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iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR – Specs and features

Inside the iPhone XR you’ll find a raft of high-end internals, albeit it ones that aren’t on par with the flagship XS. The 6.1-inch display is LCD, the amount of RAM smaller and the resolution much lower.

What we appreciate with the iPhone XR is that it has the same chipset as the XS. And once again with the iPhone 11 it has the same chipset at the pricier Pro and Pro Max models.

Inside the iPhone 11 you’ll find the A13 chipset, an upgrade on the A12 inside the iPhone XR. While demoing the new chips on stage the A13 is “the fastest CPU ever seen in a smartphone, and that goes for graphics too”. As usual, Apple doesn’t state the amount of RAM in its phones and we’re in the dark about how much memory the iPhone 11 has. For comparison, the iPhone XR has 3GB RAM.

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iOS 13 will of course be available across both devices and it’ll come pre-loaded on the iPhone 11. This latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system comes with a new dark mode that turns the whole UI, along with native apps, an easier to read black hue. There’s also a new keyboard that lets you type by swiping across the letters and big updates to the Maps app.

iPhone XR

iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR – Look and feel

Apple isn’t really in the swing of updating how its iPhones look at the minute. The last major redesign came with the iPhone X a few years ago, and before that we had a very similar design dating as far back as the iPhone 6.

The iPhone 11 and iPhone XR look very similar. They have a flat glass back, rounded sides and are constructed from a mixture of glass and aluminium. Both have 6.1-inch LCD displays on the front with a FaceID sensor buried inside in a protruding notch. Neither has a home button, with all the navigation being done by the software gestures.

Flip the phones over and you’ll notice a few changes. The camera area now houses two sensors rather than just one and the bump has a squared-off look to it. There’s also a new green colour added, which looks pretty nice in the initial shots.

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Both phones have an IP68 water-resistance rating, lack a headphone jack and charge via a Lightning port on the bottom.

iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR – How much do they cost

The iPhone 11 is available for pre-order now with pricing starting at $699 in the US and £729 in the UK. This may sound steep compared to competing Android phones, but it actually makes it cheaper than the iPhone XR when it first launched. The iPhone XR cost £749 when it made its debut. We’re expecting iPhone XR to get a pretty hefty discount in the near future as retailer look to shed stock, however. So you’d be wise to keep an eye out for iPhone XR deals, if you’re on the hunt for a new blower and don’t mind picking up last year’s model.

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