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Mysterious Sony Xperia ‘sphinx’ leaks – will it be a Galaxy Note or Moto G rival?

Three cameras sit on the back

A mysterious new Sony Xperia phone codenamed “Sphinx” has leaked online, suggesting the firm will release yet another new handset in the very near future.

The news broke when a new listing cropped up on XperiFirm – a third-party repository used to download Xperia firmware. XperiFirm simply replicates a view of what is on Sony’s servers – rather than hosting the firmware themselves.

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According to XperiaBlog, a listing like this would usually imply a phone launch is imminent. The listing itself comes under “Smartphone (2019)” and has the code “J8010” attached to it along with the name “Sphinx”. The latest Sony phone – the Sony Xperia 1 – was coded “Griffin” and “J8110”.

We don’t know if anything can be inferred from the lower-numbered code for this upcoming device – whether it makes it more likely to be a mid-range device rather than a Sony Xperia 2.

There have been a lot of leaks relating to an upcoming Xperia phone. An image of a Sony device with a triple camera was leaked just last month and was referred to as an Xperia 1s or 1v.

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Another leak upped the camera ante even further for a potential Sony Xperia 2. The leaked render hinted at a phone with two selfie cameras and a whopping six cameras on the back.

Sony appears to be continuing to roll out Xperia phones despite a less than stellar year for the company. The Xperia runs at an operating loss of nearly £700 million and has a global share of just 1% in the smartphone market.

If you are in the market for a phone and the Sony Xperia line has caught your eye, the Xperia 1 may not be the worst place to start, or you could even wait and see what comes from “Sphinx”. Regardless, here at Trusted Reviews, we said the Sony Xperia 1 was the “best Sony phone in years and a unique approach that should deservedly win fans”.

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