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One of the best VR games ever made is coming to PC, but there’s only one place to buy it

Tetris Effect PC

Previously a PS4 exclusive, Tetris Effect has been confirmed for PC as an Epic Games Store exclusive, and it’s coming out next week. 

Having received both critical and commercial acclaim upon its release, Tetris Effect comes from the minds behind classics such as Rez Infinite and Child of Eden. 

Its a jaw-dropping twist on the classic puzzle experience, transporting players into outer space, vast deserts and sprawling cities through the medium of virtual reality. 

We don’t throw the word ‘magical’ around very often here at Trusted Reviews, but Tetris Effect achieves something few other games have. It’s genuinely transformative.

Once a console exclusive, Tetris Effect is now making its way to PC. However, it’s coming exclusively to Epic Games Store, like many games in recent months. 

Upon its release, Tetris Effect will be ready to support Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Those who prefer a traditional method of play can look forward to uncapped frame rates, 4K resolutions and ultrawide monitor support. We’re drooling just thinking about it. 

If this announcement has you eagerly anticipating Tetris Effect – you don’t have long to wait. It’s coming to Epic Games Store on July 23, which is just under a week away. 

‘Beautiful, hypnotic and frequently surprising, Tetris Effect is a bravura reinvention of a classic game that deserves to be recognised as a series peak. The odd difficulty spike aside, there’s little to fault in what is undoubtedly one of 2018’s very best games,’ wrote Chris Schilling in our 5/5 review. 

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