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The Nintendo Switch Lite will have a smaller battery and an all-new processor

Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch Lite and the new Switch will have hours more battery life than their predecessor despite a smaller battery thanks to an all new processor, according to a recent FCC filing.

According to the pics in the FCC filing, the Switch Lite has a 13.6Wh battery – slightly smaller than the 16Wh batteries on the original and updated Switch. However, despite its slightly smaller size, the Switch Lite is still set to have a longer battery life than the original Switch.

Nintendo took the time to compare the specs across all three devices on its website. Where the original Switch has a two and a half to six and a half hour battery life, the upcoming Switch Lite has a three to seven hour life and the new Switch a boosted four and a half to nine hours of power.

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As The Verge points out in its report, the display on the Switch Lite is smaller than the original and the Joy-Con controllers can’t be removed from the console, meaning that the battery isn’t needed to charge them.

The real battery saver here seems to be the efficient new processor. Nintendo has stated in the past that the new devices will feature a more power-efficient chip layout which would allow the Switch line to boast a longer battery life without having to size up the batteries themselves.

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Aside from a smaller display and non-detachable Joy-Con controllers, other major changes in the Switch Lite include the loss of the dock, no HD Rumble, no IR Sensor, no motion controls and a more lightweight console overall. The new handset is more affordable but it comes at the loss of a lot of perks if you want to play multiplayer.

When it comes down to it, the Nintendo Switch Lite is a console designed to be portable and an extended battery life is always a plus when it comes to gaming on the go.

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