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Twitter might be getting a snooze button to let you avoid its nonsense

Twitter is testing a new feature to mute the app’s push notifications for a chunk of time, stopping it from notifying you and potentially giving you a bit of time off from Twitter’s constant low-intensity mundanity.

The new feature will allow users to mute their notifications for up to 12 hours. The feature was discovered by Jane Manchun Wong, the app researcher best known for constantly scooping tech giants by uncovering the secret new features hidden in the code underpinning their apps. 

Wong dug up a bell-shaped snooze button at the top of the notifications tab. Tap this and you can choose to mute push notifications for 1, 3 and even 12 hours, tapping it again to either unsnooze or change the amount of time the notifications will be muted for. It’s a prominent position and says a lot about the fact that Twitter is trying to provide a healthy way for users to digitally detox.

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You’ll still accumulate these new tweets and replies, ready for you to take a look after your self-imposed social quarantine ends, but you can also swipe them away, cleaning them from both your timeline and your mind with a single finger-sweep. 

This feature is experimental, so it may never launch, but for many users of the site it will be disconcerting that Twitter is spending time on new features for the app instead of, you know, banning those spouting hate speech from the platform. 

Still, for those eager to mute notifications, we’ll have to wait and see if the feature gets through testing and arrives in the main app, Twitter’s own contribution to the digital detoxing tools we’re seeing many of the social giants rolling out in response to criticism.

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