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Xiaomi and Samsung partner for world’s first 100MP camera phone: Colour Mi impressed

Xiaomi and Samsung have partnered to create the word’s first 100-megapixel camera phone, in a bid to outdo the fabled iPhone 11 and Pixel 4.

The companies announced the news in a statement on Thursday. It’ll see the two tech giants work to create a working smartphone using Samsung’s mysterious new 108-megapixel sensor. The companies didn’t disclose the full name or details of the sensor but what little was show paints a pretty impressive picture.

According to Xiaomi the sensor is the largest ever seen on a mobile and will be capable of producing 12032 x 9024 pixel resolution images. It claims these will be highest resolution images ever shot on a smartphone. It’ll also reportedly be able to shoot “high quality” 27-megapixel shots in 2x zoom.

Without more detailed tech specs or a phone to test it on we can’t sensibly comment on image quality or if any of the claims will ring true, but the sensor is an exciting concept nonetheless.

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The news follows rumblings the two companies were working to load a 108-megapixel sensor into the hotly anticipated Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. The rumour broke yesterday via serial leak Ice Universe and set tongues wagging across Twitter.

Xiaomi’s also planning to release a Redmi handset using Samsung’s current 64-megapixel camera sensor. The news was unveiled in the same statement. The sensor is a competitor to the 48-megapixel Sony sensor seen in popular phones including the OnePlus 7 Pro and Asus Zenfone 6.

It features a sizable 1/1.7-inch image sensor Xiaomi claims is “34% larger than the standard 48MP smartphone cameras seen on typical flagship devices.” Which should help low light performance. It’ll also use a custom remosaic algorithm to full-fat 64-megapixel shots in bright conditions and pixel-merging Tetracell technology to take 16-megapixel snaps in low light.

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Xiaomi is one of many companies working to boost its mobile photography offering. Google is loading its next-gen Pixel 4 smartphone with a spiffy new multi-sensor rear camera. Apple’s also expected to load its hotly anticipated iPhone 11 with a new multi-sensor rear camera, in a bid to gain ground on key rivals, such as the Huawei P30 Pro – one of Trusted Review’s favourite camera phones.

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